Automated solutions

As the world automates around us, we can help organizations avoid being left behind. 

There are several automated content solutions on the market today, but many use excessive computing power, are hard to implement and provide a narrow set of solutions. The alternatives include very expensive specialists or are just too difficult to get off the ground in large organizations with established operating procedures

With you, we can devise and build automated solutions for your organization to help with content workflows, managing and maximizing data resources and providing generative AI solutions. Origin Hope can help you build solutions that work for you now and can be repurposed in the future; enabling a digital and AI transformation that is sustainable and works with you. 

These solutions include data-to-text automation - turning structured datasets into large volumes of content with the help of language models - as well as personalized workflow measures and consulting on organization transformation.

We can custom-build solutions, then either operate them for you or hand over the tools and IP for your own team to run

Automated solutions case studies

AI tech firm case study

Productizing a developing technology into a sellable product.

The client had an impressive technology that combined plugin functionality with multi-doc summarization, web crawling and Natural Language Generation; but the end product was not getting any traction in the market.

We set up a desk that would man their system and turn what the technology produced into publishable, fact-checked copy while checking images and embeds, installed a team to help develop the client’s machine-learning capability and maintained attractive pricing.

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US News Unicorn

Bringing top-tier performance to industry-specific news content.

The client had a strong design offering, but its editorial had struggled for presence online.

Origin Hope created high-quality news content of interest to executive-level audiences on specific B2B industry issues. Page views and engagement rose immediately and stayed high, while the client came to dominate SEO rankings for its targets, often long after publication.

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