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Productizing a developing technology into a sellable product.

The client had an impressive technology that combined plugin functionality with multi-doc summarization, web crawling and Natural Language Generation; but the end product was not getting any traction in the market. We set up a desk that would man their system and turn what the technology produced into publishable, fact-checked copy while checking images and embeds, installed a team to help develop the client’s machine-learning capability and maintained attractive pricing. The client saw an immediate increase in interest that started to convert into sales, which continues to grow, helping them focus on other priorities and allowing revenue to surpass break-even and enter profitability.


We are now able to approach a far greater number of clients that lack editorial resources, enabling us to expand our potential market as well as lowering the costs for our existing clients. By leveraging Origin Hope’s services, we have pivoted to a far superior product offering. We see no other competitor that can match the relationship and offering we have with Origin. We’ve invested heavily in integrating the company into our platform and customized the process to their liking as we intend to become long-term customers of their services. We will most likely continue to engage Origin Hope for most if not all our future customers as they have become an important cornerstone for our business. Origin Hope has the most competitive pricing for quality editorial content currently available in the market. We believe our relationship with Origin Hope will continue to grow and eventually change the playing field as our innovative approach becomes more familiar and gains greater acceptance among international media houses.

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