Video editing

We offer video editing services for companies, talent management firms and independent creators with reliability, flexibility and affordability that is unmatched.

Origin Hope can work to your content plan, learn and follow your style and deliver on time. Our teams handle end-to-end production, reversioning, managing and recruiting talent - or just stick to a defined support role. We can work with raw assets and asset libraries, provide rapid edits when you are under time pressure and use quieter periods to work on side projects.

Origin Hope enables you to eliminate the major headaches tied to all video editing and production. Our clients consistently find themselves able to grow and reorient their operations in a way that was impossible before.

We help some clients edit clips for small additional briefs they struggle to consistently execute, while for others we conceive and create a channel, recruit and manage on-camera and voice talent, then handle production, editing, uploading and distribution. 

When needs change, so do we, and our video clients still get access to Any Content, Any Format, at Any Speed and in Any Language - 40-95% cheaper than anything else on the market. This means that in the data-heavy video publishing environment, they can test content easily to identify niche audiences all around the world and publish work that targets them. This accessibility to audience-testing is revolutionary.

Video editing case studies

Mass-market creator case studies

Taking over multi-platform, multi-channel production for a major creator.

The client’s current video editing setup was a long way from meeting audience appetite for their two channels, leaving them behind on their content plan and unable to launch serious efforts on other platforms.

Origin Hope took over the editing and brought the client ahead of schedule for both channels, raised production output and began to create reversioned videos for use on other platforms, including TikTok and Instagram, as well as new videos from archived raw assets.

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Sports Youtube channel case studies

Partnering with an Australian YouTuber for runaway growth in every metric.

The client had a dedicated but relatively small following on YouTube but was restricted in the output they could produce alone and their commitment to going without sponsors or management.

Origin Hope learned the client’s style, selected vision from its premium sports agencies and took over all video creation. Production quadrupled overnight and in the first six months alone subscribers grew 350%, monthly views rose 7x and watch time increased 2.5x.

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