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Taking over multi-platform, multi-channel production for a major creator.

The client’s current video editing setup was a long way from meeting audience appetite for their two channels, leaving them behind on their content plan and unable to launch serious efforts on other platforms. Origin Hope took over the editing and brought the client ahead of schedule for both channels, raised production output and began to create reversioned videos for use on other platforms, including TikTok and Instagram, as well as new videos from archived raw assets. The client was able to get ahead of their content plan for the first time and the resulting growth allowed them to hire new staff, launch and grow large followings on other platforms, achieving regular worldwide virality with Origin Hope-produced shorts.


The communication I have with Origin hope is a key component: They're on top of it.
They show me different stages to review, to revise, to add notes and are constantly looking for ways to satisfy what I need in my business. The customer service is a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Working with Origin Hope changed my ability to maximize my workflow and keep its efficiency so I can constantly crank out content. The output is crazy, and that's just for YouTube: we also do Instagram and TikTok. I think the number one benefit is that Origin Hope has given me the ability to scale my business. I'm not new to YouTube, I've used editors and nothing compares to the output and the quality that Origin Hope can do for me at this point.

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