About us

Origin Hope is a UK company with global operations founded in 2019. We now serve clients all over the world, in a wide range of industries. 

We are the first and only company that delivers Any Content, Any Format, Any Variety, Any Quantity, in Any Language and at Any Speed, 40-95% cheaper than anything else on the market. 

Our tech/production stack includes novel, first-to-market IP in generative AI, NLP/NLG, ML, autocuration, deployment and the recruitment, training and certification of human teams. 

Our years of planning and development mean we have an evolving structure designed to adapt to any future advances in technology or content demands, as and when they happen, maintaining profitability and passing those gains onto our clients.

We enable the content future.

What we do

We make great content: We can make anything, in any format, at any volume, to any specification and at any speed. 

Through us, our clients get the economies and efficiencies of a large, global content production operation, without having to build and manage one themselves. 

Why we do it

We want to be a new kind of partner for businesses that rely on content.

Building a content operation of any size is tough. It should be possible to outsource some content creation to a reliable and affordable partner.  

In the third decade of the digital age, the challenges to content creation remain the same. Doing everything in-house creates cost and management overheads that most businesses can’t support, while freelancers or agencies can be unreliable and/or expensive. 

What we’re like to work with

We are committed to making great content and equally committed to having great working relationships with our clients.

We are fast-thinking and fast-moving, so we have the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs and the evolving content landscape

Origin Story

Our founder wanted the company to be the content partner he wished he could have had during his career in journalism and content.

Blaise Hope worked to almost every conceivable content requirement in a 10+ year career spanning the US, UK and Asia, with time in every role from a junior copy editor to business journalist and news anchor. While working as an editorial adviser to large digital media conglomerates, he was the decision-maker on a full range of content production options. This gave him a bird’s-eye view of a landscape where outsourcing content should have been an easy and available option to any organization, but wasn’t.

Through this personal frustration in the first part of his career, he was able to see the opportunity in the second. He designed Origin Hope from Day 1 to be the perfect outsource partner to any content operation, from the smallest to the largest.


If you want to join our team, email us here. Working for Origin Hope includes opportunities for advancement, certification, and wider roles, as well as total flexibility in how we work.

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