How video editing services can save you time and money

How video editing services can save you time and money (Pexels/Ron Lach)

Running a video channel on an online platform like YouTube takes more time than most give it credit. For instance, depending on the type and frequency of their content, the average YouTuber can work over 20 hours a week recording and editing videos for their channel. 

Coupled with the fact that YouTube’s algorithm encourages creators to post 4-5 times a week and you have a surefire recipe for burnout and stress.

Video editing services can be an immense help in these times. Though some more prominent names in the industry are open about outsourcing their editing work, many video creators and vloggers of all sizes utilize these services to focus on what’s important – making great videos.

What video editing services offer

Video editing productions can provide a wide range of services, but their key selling point is right in their name. These services take full charge of video editing and occasionally offer assets like voice-over connections to amplify your work. 

Depending on the production quality, a well-edited video can take over 1 hour per minute to edit. That means a professional 5-minute video could have taken over 5 hours to edit. 

Video editing services can cut back on that time since you’ll be able to do much more with less on your plate. 

Here are three benefits to consider when hiring an editing service.

Consistent content

Spending less time fixing visuals or choosing transitions means more time to script future videos, record more footage or find new inspiration. 

Over 51 million active channels on YouTube compete to capture different audiences’ attention every day, and it takes a lot of creativity to stand out from the crowd. If you’re thinking about cross-promoting your content to other platforms like TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter, it means you need to even be more agile.

Video editing services take away the burden of editing and give you more room to explore your channel’s niche on the platform. It’s vital to prioritize what new creative content you bring into the world and not just how good it’ll look on screen.

Higher quality

While creativity is important to stand out, you need good presentation to engage viewers in the first place. Viewers generally gravitate more toward creative videos with high-quality editing

Viewers care more about videos that demonstrate that you care.  

Luckily, video editing services usually come with plenty of experienced editors and a wide skill set distributed across an organization rather than a handful of individuals. 

These editors know how to turn amateur recordings into high-polish productions, most likely at a faster pace than you. They’ll clean your audio, trim the fat from your clips and add just the effects and transitions you needed. 

Efficiency and flexibility

Editing videos on your own requires purchasing editing software, voice assets, and other important material. Hiring an editor full-time, meanwhile, often means having to commit to a production schedule in order to provide a steady stream of work. 

While the previous two options may be appealing, outsourcing video editing focuses on projects one by one, leading to more flexibility in deadlines and bills. You won’t have to worry about paying for regular software subscriptions, and you can specify the amount of work depending on your productivity.  

Video editing services save creators a great amount of time and earn them even more engagement in the long run. Consider hiring an editing service for your channel, and your viewers might just thank you for it. 


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