The content marketing checklist: a cheat sheet to keep you on track

Content marketing checklist. (Unsplash/Campaign Creators)

It is easy to lose sight of what you need to do: this checklist gets you back on track. 

These are the factors that make content high-quality and engaging. Take care of them and the content will take care of itself. 

Use this as a checklist to share with your team and review how you approach projects and provide guidance as you go through the process. 

  • Your content should actually solve people’s problems - meaning, the people who make up your audience.
  • Actionable tips and strategic advice based on experience and expertise. You may include curated resources like tools, downloads and datasets.
  • Educational pieces that build knowledge, like step-by-step guides and how-to articles. Teach your audience something new.
  • Engaging storytelling and case studies to connect with readers. Personalize posts to build relationships.
  • Visual assets like images, charts and videos reinforce points and add variety. Canva and Venngage are helpful design tools.
  • Links to reputable external sources to demonstrate authority and provide value for readers. Back up your claims.
  • Clearly defined next steps and calls-to-action so readers know what you want them to do after reading. Subscribe, download something, share, buy a product, etc. 

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