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Origin Hope's service is the ideal solution for any content, editorial or creative decision-maker, whether you are the editorial director of a newspaper group or a niche social media influencer, financial firm, retail brand or specialist consultancy.

We act as an extension of you and your team, giving you access to the power of a large content organisation. We learn about you as a client; your style and preferences, and adjust as your needs change.

From the most complex and large-scale content challenges to the smallest, slower-paced support briefs: Origin Hope solves content.

Our founder learned this business as a newsroom editor and managing large content organisations. He built Origin Hope to offer a perfect match for the needs of any content operation.

How Origin Hope works

Working with us is designed to be as straightforward as possible. We speak on a call to understand you, what your content plans are and what your current set-up looks like. We explore how we could take some duties on and based on that create a service proposal and quote for our monthly rate.

Once we are working together, we communicate through a singular forum (a group chat, doc or email) where you can request updates, give feedback and receive work. It is designed to be the most convenient, fast and efficient for setup for you.

Some clients give us detailed briefs, and others teach us to create briefs ourselves. The choice is yours, but over time we tend to learn more about what you like and need, and you will find you do not need to brief us as closely as you would have. We use any and all cloud storage services to handle large files moving between us.

We act as an extension of you/your team, developing an easy short-hand for the content that you need and a slick process to create and approve content.

As your needs evolve, so will our relationship with you. We prize longevity in our client relationships - it is a partnership for achieving your content goals now and into the future.

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We provide marketing departments, agencies and businesses with high-quality blog production, delivered consistently and to order.

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Video editing

We offer video editing services for companies, talent management firms and independent creators with reliability, flexibility and affordability that is unmatched.

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Our roots are in the newsroom and our services lend themselves to the production of news in all its current and future formats.

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Long form

Origin Hope can create any long-form written content, to any specification, including white papers and ebooks.

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Content & channel management

Clients can use Origin Hope in a variety of support functions for their content channels and systems.

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Podcast editing

We offer podcast and audio/ear media studios the ability to outsource editing to us.

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AI news feeds

Origin Hope Wire offers businesses and publishers the ability to set up an AI news feed, refine it to their preferences and allow machine learning to improve story curation and generation.

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Automated solutions

With you, we can devise and build automated solutions for your organisation.

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