Case studies

We have a bank of case studies we rotate through and are always adding more. Get in touch if you have a specific case study you would like to learn more about.

US news unicorn image

US news unicorn

Bringing top-tier performance to industry-specific news content.

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Fintech marketing department image

Fintech marketing department

Thought leadership in the complex and changing world of global payments.

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Gaming affiliate publisher image

Gaming affiliate publisher

Writing core SEO content, reviews and daily sports picks for US, India.

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Major marketing agency image

Major marketing agency

Producing diverse content on behalf of influencer marketing pioneers.

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Mass-market creator image

Mass-market creator

Taking over multi-platform, multi-channel production for a major creator.

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Original newspaper reporting image

Original newspaper reporting

Helping a regional newspaper establish a profit-generating features desk.

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Sports YouTube channel image

Sports YouTube channel

Partnering with an Australian YouTuber for runaway growth in every metric.

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AI tech firm image

AI tech firm

Productizing a developing technology into a sellable product.

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UK newsroom image

UK newsroom

Realizing the ambition for a drastic rethink of UK news coverage.

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US sports news portal image

US sports news portal wanted to outsource game reports

Origin Hope delivered all daily game reports on major US sports for a new portal. Client offloaded all game reports and focused on acquiring and investing in high-level sports writers.

Supplement maker image

Supplement maker for chronic pain sufferers needed community content

Origin Hope wrote lengthy articles on how to deal with chronic pain-related issues based on sensitive Tone of Voice guidelines, as well as produced social media video clips. Client able to build a resource library and positive space for its community to inhabit.

Financial news outlet image

Financial news outlet sought global coverage to drive web traffic

Origin Hope produced timely news content on global trends in finance, crypto and economic issues. Client saw a direct gain in revenues from partnerships due to traffic increase.

US sports betting image

US sports betting blog needed game previews and post-game analysis

Origin Hope wrote highly detailed stories on US sports matches for professional and amateur gamblers. Client was able to supplement its own content with more volume to keep its audience on site for longer.

South African sketch artist image

South African sketch artist creator needed editing help with video editing

Origin Hope took over video editing and allowed the client to plan related ventures. Client grew following and received a book deal as well as more video income.

Laser hair removal image

Laser hair removal business that wanted end-to-end video production

Origin Hope recruited hosts and voice artists, researched and wrote scripts, directed and filmed footage, then edited and uploaded videos. Client achieved a niche following and thought leadership that brought in more business and converted more customers through videos.

Brooklyn chiropractor image

Brooklyn chiropractor sought help launching creative career

Origin Hope advised on the initial audience build strategy and provided coaching and video editing. The client achieved a significant online following and generated offline sales.

Nigerian political news image

Nigerian political news portal required volume news and SEO coverage

Origin Hope delivered daily news articles and political analysis that ranked in SEO and Google News. Client was able to focus resources on intensive projects to pursue a challenger strategy.

European broker image

European broker affiliate site sought article and video production

Origin Hope produced regular broker reviews alongside industry explainer videos and wider coverage. Client able to pursue growth strategy and expansion based on content performance.

Micro news agency image

Micro news agency needed movie reviews as it reassessed business model

Origin Hope provided a weekly quota of movie reviews for syndication to client customers. Client was able to reassess costs and focus on automating internal processes ahead of investment.

Middle-Eastern Podcast image

Middle-Eastern Podcast studio needed help with post-production of full-length episodes

Origin Hope independently created episodes from raw assets to release quality without regular briefs. Client diverted resources to hardware investments and partnerships.

London streetwear image

London streetwear blog wanted to diversify its web and social media content

Origin Hope took over the production of audience-specific fashion analysis and release coverage. Client was able to focus on converting opportunities for revenue-generating collaborations while accelerating growth in audience size and metrics.

Male grooming creator image

Male grooming creator needed help to maintain website for sales surge

Origin Hope provided content and website maintenance as problems mounted. Client was able to retain functionality and a steady stream of online sales and new business through their website.