The Fate of Digital Content Creators In A Post-Covid Era

As people spend most of their time at home and in front of screens, global online consumption has doubled to seven hours daily. So, content creators have thrived during the pandemic.

As the world starts to go back to some normalcy, content creators have to keep adapting and coming up with creative solutions to stay competitive. To do that, they must move into a post-Covid mindset and build a solid strategy to keep up with the ever-changing (and ever-present) digital world.

Personalized and conversational content. If we learned anything from the pandemic, it is that people engage with content creators because of their authenticity. The next normal will bring freedom to create even more content, and both content creators and brands have to stay on top of their game to stop people from scrolling past them. There was $6.12 million worth of sponsored content creator posts active on Instagram in 2020. So if content creators want to stand out, they have to do so through conversational content people can connect with.

Be part of the solution. Consumers want brands and content creators that can engage with empathy. Content creators should find the best voice for their niche by being part of a solution. Through content creators activism within their niche, content creators can work with brands to share what they’ve been doing to make a difference and speak out about issues that matter to them. But it is important to do so in an authentic and wholesome way. Preaching while boasting does not tend to be a good combination, as we all saw with last year’s great influencer scolding.

Make use of new platforms. If you are not already on Tik Tok, you should be, because it is a powerful tool that soared through the pandemic and is here to stay. WIth 800 million monthly active users, TikTok lasted the duration of quarantine, creating new challenges, trends and dances for users to participate and interact. Brands took the opportunity and implemented it into their business plan, and content creators that haven’t should follow suit because the more frequently people see you and your content, the more engaged you are.

For content creators, adaptability is key to survive in a changing environment, especially when the global social media market, according to Globe News Wire, is projected to increase from US$94.83 billion in value in 2020 to US$102 billion by 2022.

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