Minimum Fuss and 60% Cheaper Than An In-House Team For The Same Quality: Origin Hope and Tickir Partnership

Tickir is the company behind News in Network, a UK news startup covering voices from many communities as the demand for reliable news increases. Tickir believes trustworthy and diverse content should always be available and accessible for all.

By harnessing AI’s incredible ability to deliver bite-sized news summaries of events that matter, Tickir arrived at a crossroads: they had to keep up with an endless influx of content that required humanization and still wanted their journalists to be able to write exciting news about their own communities.

Origin Hope offered an ideal solution; taking on the burden of repetitive tasks, creating high-quality content, and creating a competitive advantage in the content-hungry world.

Tickir got a constant flow of unbiased, fact-checked AI humanization services for the reliable news published daily on News in Network. At the same time, Tickir was able to focus on higher-value creative tasks rather than repetitive ones.

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Richard Beastall, Tickir’s CEO, said: “Engaging with Origin Hope has saved us both money and time. We were able to concentrate on the more creative tasks while being safe in the knowledge that repetitive tasks were carried out elsewhere with the minimum of fuss.”

“I’m pleased with the quality of the output and the input to our business. After a bedding-in period, we had minimum interaction with Origin Hope, as the service was provided smoothly.”

“Excellent value for money, the service was almost as good as having an in-house team, however, the cost was around 60 percent lower.” 

Tickir plans to continue working together with Origin Hope after it completes fundraising. 

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