Love & Business: Passion, Struggle and Success

Businesses are built by people who love something.

Some people lose faith as practicalities of sourcing the canvas for paintings or the business challenges of the jam world, leads them away from the ideal of what they loved – the pure Platonic form it is.

Business can expose a soulless side to things. But just as Plato was proved wrong so his ideas persist in our minds and they are the core of what we love.

Our passions, our work, making a car, writing an article are not pure things. Like humans, political systems and big decisions they are imperfect, at times selfish, ugly, unpleasant, rewarding, beautiful, stultifying or brimming with potential.

The founder’s love of a company, an activist’s love of a cause, is born of a love for the whole of an ideal, industry or product. It is born again and again as the distasteful elements of a child reveal themselves and you love them. They fascinate you.

Everything is interesting and lovable when you love it for what it is as well as what it could be.

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