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Content creators are the new go-to channel for information and entertainment. You can use our services to build a bigger stream of your brand of content, to open up the door to more followers – giving you more influence and income.

Our services for content creators

Choose one or create a suite of outsourced content and news production services. We scale up or scale down to suit you.

Video editing

Fast turnaround video production following basic scripts, using vision and voiceovers you supply and enhanced with our journalistic creativity, eliminating your
editing time.

Video animations

Producing captivating short animations in an agreed brand style, to supplement your personal video posts and deliver messages to audiences in an engaging way at speed.

Visual posts

Impactful typographic and image-based posts that will attract attention and followers in the time slots between your video posts.

Social media management

Our team fully plugs into your editorial calendar to deliver appropriate and detailed posts
that support your influencer agenda.

Quadrupling video content production for global Formula One channel

Formula World, created by Dillon Shelley, is an established YouTube channel with over 150,000 subscribers. Origin Hope helps Dillon produce high volumes of Formula One rundown videos, some of which rack up millions of views.

Global, streamlined production

With 1.5 billion English speakers all over the world, we’re able to harness writing, editing and video talent in multiple locations.

In every location, our modular teams follow a single streamlined editorial process. As defined by our CEO and founder, and shaped by his experiences as a reporter, news anchor, consultant and editor in chief. 

Meet our founder

Protecting journalism and developing effective commercial strategies for modern-day newsrooms is our founder’s mission.

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