Formula World-Origin Hope Case Study: A Partnership that led to a 350% increase in YouTube Subscribers in Six Months

Formula World is a YouTube channel started by Dillon Shelley just before the 2017 Canadian Grand Prix. The idea behind the channel is to provide concise, easy to consume news on Formula 1 and related categories and it quickly gained a loyal following of F1 devotees. Today, Formula World is one of the largest and fastest-growing YouTube channels for Formula 1 news, with more than 150,000 subscribers and millions of viewers.

Origin Hope took over daily production for Formula World as Shelley searched for ways to ramp up production and diversify his content offering. The goal of the partnership was to help Formula World grow and expand its presence.

The formal trial started in March 2020. In six months, Formula World’s daily production volume quadrupled, subscribers increased 350 percent, monthly views shot up seven-fold and viewers were watching 2.5 times longer. 

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Dillon Shelley, the founder of Formula World, said, “The service has been nothing short of fantastic. It’s highly personal and tailored and has exceeded my expectations. Blaise (Origin Hope) has gone above and beyond to help meet my needs. Since working with Origin I’ve been able to free up significant amounts of time that I can now use to focus on new tasks or things that I have put on the backburner. It has greatly improved my overall productivity”.

Thanks to the partnership with Origin Hope, Shelley was able to launch a podcast, a news website for Formula World, new feature videos, higher production value and expand into MotoGP coverage. 

“I do not see a future without their services. At this point, they are fully integrated into my business. All my future plans involve working with Origin to help me create and produce my content,” said Shelley.

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