Publish like a pro

Use our services to run an editorial calendar that matches the agility and quality of any news organization. You will be the business and thought leader that people turn to for insights on your sector.

Our services for corporates

Choose one or create a suite of outsourced content and news production services. We scale up or scale down to suit you.

Video editing

Fast turnaround video production following basic scripts, using vision and voiceovers you supply, enhanced with our journalistic creativity.

Rapid draft assist

Researching online to support your local content producers, making transcriptions, and converting raw information into complete first drafts.

Evergreen content

From scratch articles, 200 to 1,400 words in length, commissioned by you and passed through our five-stage editorial process for quality checks.

Social media optimization

Our team plugs in to your editorial structure, to deliver appropriate and detailed posts that support your corporate news and social media agenda.

White Papers

We research, write, edit and lay out white papers on complex industry topics, some over 10,000 words long in published form, to boost our busy clients’ position as thought leaders in their sector.


Working from raw source material and simple briefs we can create dynamic, visually stunning infographics, ideal for circulation on our clients’ websites, social media channels and marketing material.

Specialist sector content for a global payments business

Apexx Global, an international payments business headquartered in the UK, designed and delivered an editorial calendar with Origin Hope, for half the cost of hiring a content producer into its communications team.

Our modular, scalable team was up and running immediately, trialing content before go-live and quickly demonstrating the benefits of five skilled writers and editors producing content, compared to a single hire.

The steady stream of specialized market-related articles we produced for Apexx caused their social media following to multiply.

Global, streamlined production

With 1.5 billion English speakers all over the world, we’re able to harness writing, editing and video talent in multiple locations.

In every location, our modular teams follow a single streamlined editorial process. As defined by our CEO and founder, and shaped by his experiences as a reporter, news anchor, consultant and editor in chief. 

Meet our founder

Protecting journalism and developing effective commercial strategies for modern-day newsrooms is our founder’s mission.

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