Case Study: Origin Hope – Apexx Global Partnership

Apexx Global is a London-based global payment solutions company founded in 2015. Its vision was to be the payment industry’s most merchant-centric company, an approach that brought it success and plaudits. Apexx won Most Disruptive Payments Technology in 2017, 2018, and 2019 Payments Awards. Despite the company’s success, the marketing team was still exploring new ways to expand their presence and launch a weekly blog – a crucial marketing tool for any service.

Blaise Hope offered Origin Hope’s content and copywriting services when he first approached Apexx Global in March 2020. At the end of March, the two companies agreed for Origin Hope to initially provide three months of market and country profile content services. After three months of a successful trial, Apexx Team decided to continue the partnership with Origin hope.

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During this first year of partnership, Origin Hope has created weekly blog articles and thought leadership about trends in the payment industry and the role of Apexx as the solution provider, and is responsible for launched and continuously managed the Apexx website’s Knowledge Hub, assisting with the website build and is now working on the delivery of a video schedule. Origin Hope created weekly country profile deliverables-specific content to help showcase Apexx’s expertise, position them as thought opinion leaders while growing their business presence across different markets globally.

At the end of 2020, after Apexx received series A injection of $8 million, Origin Hope and Apexx established a new form of partnership. As part of this partnership, the Origin Hope team is currently working on 10,000 words White Paper. We’ll be sure to share some of our exciting findings shortly, watch the space!

Sam Mahony, Apexx’s Marketing Manager, said: “Engaging Origin has halved the workload of our marketing team in terms of having to produce content and has allowed us to redistribute their work more strategically throughout the marketing function where they are most needed.

Apexx has at least doubled the quantity of content it produces, at a consistently high quality too. On LinkedIn, Apexx’s following has jumped more than fivefold since our partnership with Origin Hope started almost a year ago.”

“Working with Origin has consistently been a pleasure. The team consistently strives to deliver the maximum value from the briefs they are given and is always willing to have an adaptive approach. The quality of work is exceptional and the needs of Apexx as a client is always at the forefront of their thinking,” said Mahony.

With outcomes exceeding expectations, Mahony says Apexx would not just continue its partnership with Origin Hope but expand the scope of work.

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