Modular production for thriving newsrooms

Our globally distributed teams of editors, writers, video producers and social media experts give you freedom to focus on your prime content.

Our heritage and passion is news

Many of us at Origin Hope have journalism backgrounds. All of us 100% believe in the role a free press and high-quality news play in a well-functioning society. Power is held to account. Communities get an essential communication service.

Our passion for news is why we’re committed to protecting today’s newsrooms. They’re under constant pressure to produce more and more content, to stay relevant and to stay in business.

We take the pressure off by producing good quality volume content at a beneficial price. That means more resources and expertise to focus on prime content – the real investigative journalism that matters most

Experienced writers and multimedia creators

While the digital age is putting pressure on news organizations to produce more content, it is also enabling businesses, institutions, governments and individuals to become newsrooms too.

Every entity, from corporate to content creator, is using websites and social channels to publish content and news like never before. But not all have the resources to do it as well and as frequently as they’d like.

We make teams with the right skills to support newsrooms of all shapes and sizes. Our teams combine writers, researchers and editors with multimedia creators and social media experts – all the content producers a modern newsroom could need.

Every piece of content we produce goes through our five-stage editorial process to make sure it is fit for purpose. While we still save our clients time and money.

Partners, not just producers

Our service may be content and news production, but our approach is to be your partner, as glued into your newsroom and your objectives as you want us to be.

Send us the press releases you need converting into news stories. Give us the raw material you need turning into an opinion piece, an infographic or an explainer. Pass vision and voiceovers to us and we’ll produce the impactful video edit you need.

We’re also ready and able to write articles and white papers
from scratch. Or chase down the quotes and fact checks you need to make your content reliable. We can slot in wherever you need the pressure released most.

All of that lets you focus on the highest value work you can do,
and that protects your position as a news organization, your leadership position as a corporate, your impact as an influencer.

From our newsroom