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During my time working as an anchor and editor in chief overseeing editorial development for some of the largest Media Holdings in Asia I was constantly faced with the numerous challenges that any editorial business, digital news channel and influencer faces to meet both the demands of their audience and the constraint of their budgets and staff.  

I was very fortunate to get the unique experience I did, observing the inner workings of highly complex and diversified organizations and working on the front line to improve the work they put out.  In my early 20s I moved across the globe and started working, first as a copy editor and then in more visible and senior roles on and off camera for a newspaper and then a news broadcaster, while helping out across their parent conglomerate, before moving on to a major digital media publisher.

I often found myself with teams of talented and motivated people that did not have the education and training we often take for granted. I made it my mission to optimize workflow, train them up and establish protocols to maintain standards and consistency. I found myself giving lectures and giving out supplements in far flung corners of the world. 

I developed training systems, re-engineered editorial and production processes and created a series of lectures and lessons that redefined how news was produced and structured for an audience of 120 million people. The workflow and lessons I created remain the walls of those newsrooms to this day. 

As a publisher, you always struggle to produce as much content as you want. Stepping into executive functions gave me a lasting lesson in the variety and practicality of all the options on offer from freelancers and companies alike. How do you keep your best people doing their best work and still produce everything you need to, within budget? 

Working with freelancers was not the answer – my time as a freelancer also taught me it was not the answer of that side of the bargain either. Freelancers do not get the opportunity or incentive to get to know you and your business and they make it very difficult to predict cost and strategy. The insecurity of their position means they have no choice but to take a mercenary attitude and when you do find those that execute all the time and at good cost, they are almost always the worst. An unpredictable editorial calendar or publishing schedule sacrifices advantage and audience trust. 

As I spent more time negotiating with media agencies and partners it became clear that the massive gap between corporate and editorial realities had no effective bridge. No strategy solved the problems of volume and quality without a monstrous budget at work. It was also clear that this is a problem every content producer faced, whether an oil company, newsroom, yoga clinic or lifestyle influencer. 

While attending the World Economic Forum on East Asia I sat in the hotel lobby as event workers dismantled the show and used a free notebook to jot down an idea called “Hope Media”.

The vision of Hope Media started to form in my mind – solve the manpower, cost and volume issues at once.  The main issue is that the way industry produces news hasn’t evolved since we went from print to digital. 

So, I relied on my training and the training I had created, and I evolved it. 


The Case Study of Journalism

I have always been a journalist, so that is where Origin’s story begins. It is an industry decimated by a failure to adapt to the digital age as highly effective systems designed for print could not readjust. The lessons for content production are universal. 

Part of the problem is a structure where today the highest value people spend 80% of their time doing the simplest work just to keep heads above the water, which of course means they don’t have time and resources to focus on top quality stories/investigations that build trust and hold value for an audience.    

How do you give your best talent a chance to produce your top stories? You engage us to handle the volume

Of course, this means that you would need a trusted partner that will produce some of your content to make sure you achieve your editorial quota and keep your readers engaged. 

I have launched Origin Hope Media Group and built our global network of experts across various fields so:

  • You are not tied down to what one individual can do. At the cost of 2 employees, you can access hundreds of experts across the globe, specialising on wide range of subjects without the need to employ each of these specialists, which of course gets costly for your business. Get the content you need when you need – work with us now!
  • We take time to understand your business in order to become your partner, not a provider and answer all your content production needs at a fraction of cost in a timely manner 
  • We create/re-write and adapt your stories, maximising the content you already have to help you grow your presence in your domestic market as well as your global presence
  • You get clarity on costs form the get go, so you can plan schedule and budget which of course is impossible to predict when you are working with freelancers as they charge you per hour
  • We can support you with writing, video creation, editing, press release conversion, evergreen content, remote reporting, social media optimisation and can create pretty much any content format. We scale up or down to suit your business needs 
  • We can help you with the legwork. We not only produce the content for you but also have expertise and market knowledge, which is based on the analysis and will help you grow your presence across various social media platforms/sectors/countries etc.  
  • Your publishing business become profitable again!     


Get in touch with us now to discuss how we can help. Email our team at sales@originhope.com or fill out the form here,

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